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BBQ Squid Greek Style

Really takes you back to the Mediterranean. Its a lovely change from the usual BBQ fair. People will be jealous if you pull this out!

Beetroot Salad with Cumin Lemon and Cardamom Yogurt

A lovely middle eastern inspired dish that bring a good bowl of beetroot to the table.

Breakfast Smoothy - Strawberries

Tired of the same old bowl of oatmeal? Try drinking it instead! This vintage recipe combines cooked oats, milk and strawberries to make a refreshing smoothie. From 1959.


Craving Bready cakey goodness. Well even that craving we can satisfy. Check this recopy out soon. It will make sticking to the Dukan diet easier.

Butternut squash Souffle

There are a few tricks in this recipe to get the flavour you want. but getting these ingredients will make your Dukan dieting a lot easier.

Cauliflower rice

Defiantly try this alternative to rice. Its a great little cheat when craving carbs.

I really am beginning to believe that cauliflower is magic.

Chard and Cheese Tart

You coukd just as easily use another green to make this. Such as Chinese broccoli (similar, but not as bitter) OR dandelion greens OR Swisschard OR mustard greens OR turnip greens OR kale.

Chicken Breast Wrapped in Turkey Bacon

Succulent chicken breast stuffed with a cheesy chive filling wrapped in crispy turkey bacon.

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